Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Maybe Today

the central heat and air will be completed. The installers are due here anytime. They were scheduled for last Friday but had car trouble. So maybe, just maybe the work will finally be finished. Next is to begin replacing facia boards along the eves of the house and take down some old guttering.
I did a few corrections on my self-portrait to the (correction, left eye not the right), cheek and to the chin area so thought I would repost the painting.

In answer to some of the comments about the art classes beginning Saturday, my medium of choice will be oils. I have some very bad habits when painting with acrylic and oils such as daub, daub, daubing instead of laying down a stroke and leaving it alone. We will be painting from life and may in the future even do plein air. The Saturday class is seven (7) hours but I will only be painting three (3), since I have to pace my energy. Tim's studio is at least an hour's drive away from me and I like to be early. Today, I will seal birch panels and apply gesso when they dry, sanding between coats. I also need to stretch some canvas so it sounds like a full day. But the very most important thing is to at least paint something!

I could also work in watercolor in Tim's class and may later but right now I want to continue with critiques from Sandy Maudlin, although I haven't sent her anything to critique in awhile. Just reading her blog is enlightening and I am so intrigued by the way her artistic mind works. How she gets those textures, arrives at her color choices, designs her paintings, continues to be a mystery. Maybe with time and patience I can learn at least some of what she teaches.

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