Saturday, August 30, 2008

Today's class began with a lecture. Next week, I will record the lecture as that is one of the important parts of class. Tim spoke of using abstract, and gave a demonstration on 1-point perspective. After Tim demonstrated each step, the students then drew and/or painted those steps. I was the one that drew the vanishing point lines in a different place so obviously I wasn't paying attention. Tim didn't mention it but I was silently chastising myself for my lack of attention. A lesson learned.

Tim went on to explain and demonstrate the oiling out process which is done after a painting has dried and before the surface is painted on again. It is my understanding this does two things; it evens out the surface as some paints have a more flat look when dry and, it gives a surface on which fresh paint will adhere better.

After class, I made a trip to Hobby Lobby then home through a down pour and flooding streets. A few miles away from the Fayetteville/Prairie Grove area, the sun was shining. I felt sorry for all the people at the art fairs in Fayetteville and Prairie Grove that were soaking wet, trying to get to their vehicles. Even more, the vendors had my sympathy, knowing what pouring rain can do to artwork and crafts.


Deb L├ęger said...

Hi Ann, you're not going to be affected by Hurricane Gustav, are you?

As always, loved the class notes! I had to smile over your faux pas regarding the perspective because in Joe's online classes, weren't you the one who had the best grasp on perspective? Yes. (I had to put the 'yes' because I know you're going to say no, even though I know it's yes. LOL)

How sad about the art shows and the rain. Are you getting more comfortable making the drive?

Ann Buckner said...

We have just had rain from the hurricane which has been needed. Well, I'm not to sure about the "best grasp" on perspective because I still struggle with it. *grin* As far as the drive, I love it but by the time I get home it is definitely time for a long nap. Always a battle, nap vs. paint ha ha.