Saturday, August 23, 2008

Today's Oils Class

Today's class was excellent. We visited just a short while, then Tim had us get right into painting.
1st Photo - me blocking in the shape of the teapot.
2nd Photo - Tim has placed center lines, vertical and horizontally to make sure the easy side is equal and the top of the lid centered.
3rd Photo - Tim placing color below the pot that will be echoed in the pot as well as reshaping the bottom of the pot
4th Photo - Tim began placing darks
5th Photo - Tim is laying in background strokes. This is where I left off painting the pot today.
6th Photo - Tim is studying another class member's self-portrait.
7th Photo - Tim is placing darks at the base of a class member's pot, to ground it.
The students would paint for awhile then Tim would demo for us on a student's painting to emphasize a point or show us how or what to do. What struck home with me today is the deliberate strokes Tim would paint. He never hurried, almost like watching a graceful ballet dancer. He would study the subject then place a stroke. Another point that was emphasized for me, was that if I hear the brush on canvas then I'm not using enough paint (unless I'm dry brushing?). The paintings are left in the studio for the next class session.
All in all a terrific day. Now to apply what I've learned.


Deb L├ęger said...

Wow, Ann! Beautiful shots! What a great class. Sounds like you really enjoyed which is great! You weren't too tired out? Did you finish your teapot? Did you take any of your paintings to class? (Aren't I just full of questions!)

Thanks for letting us see what's happening in your class!

RH Carpenter said...

Thanks for sharing your class today, Ann. Did you finish the teapot? Did you stay 3 hours or more?

Ann Buckner said...

Hi Deb & Rhonda, thanks for popping in to see how class went. I gather you could tell I really enjoyed this class. The painting is not finished and is in just the blocking in stage. The background still has to be completed and the tones improved. Just barely started even after three hours. It wasn't all painting because Tim would talk as he worked so we could see what he meant. That works great for me as I am such a visual person. I was tired by the end of class and ready to come home. But it was a good kind of tired. I'm anxious to practice what we learned today but have to do some things for the art group first. Tomorrow! (with fingers crossed.) Oh, I forgot to take paintings to class but he has an idea now as to how I paint so probably won't take any now. Thanks again for your interest!