Tuesday, September 16, 2008

09-12-08 Class

The photo on the right is a still from the video I took while Tim was placing some light values on the pot and a few neutrals bluish-green-grays in the background. We went right into to painting with a few demos by Tim on each painting. He again advised that I place deliberate strokes, looking at the copper pot then look at the painting to see where the stroke needs to go. He thinks it should take about an hour to finish the pot in the next class but I believe he has more faith in me than I do. I wonder why it is in class I feel less competent and always hesitate before painting. That is probably a normal feeling, especially when being taught by someone as talented as Tim. I have to remind myself that is exactly why I'm taking classes; to increase my skill level both in viewing and painting. Can't do one well without the other as they go hand in hand. I've been paying special attention how different artists hold their brushes. Note that Tim is holding the brush very lightly and far back on the handle. He can do the finest of lines held just that way which amazes me.

It is busy around here, cleaning, cleaning and more cleaning. I sure miss Cindy who was coming in once a week to do the heavy stuff for us but she is working somewhere else full-time now. When I take breaks, I try to get in a few strokes on the Lodge painting. If I don't have time for that I try to look at it with fresh eyes to see if an area needs to be refined or less defined. I am so loving painting in oils, as I do in watercolor. The Golden Open acrylics are sitting in the drawer waiting on me to try them too. That should be fun and exciting, when the chance finally arrives to do some painting with them.

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