Monday, September 15, 2008

Bruce Peil Workshop Presented by ANA

Artists of Northwest Arkansas
Presents the Fall 2008 Workshop
Bruce Peil

This workshop is about understanding that a painting is made up of interlocking shapes of color and value that are all relative to each other. Emphasis will be put on seeing the correct values, painting natural feeling colors with simple shapes, and getting accurate information down quickly on location. The object is to have each piece of color be correct in relation to the one that came before.

One problem I see students having is painting too large outdoors for their ability to finish before the light changes. So, if we go on location, each student should be prepared to paint as small as necessary in order to capture the scene before the light changes. The first day will be spent in the studio talking about my approach to painting, and doing some preliminary value studies.

The remainder of the workshop will be spent doing small quick studies to learn to get an accurate start and to capture ‘that moment in time’. An inaccurate start always leads to a failed painting.Bring photos to work from when painting indoors. Demonstrations will be done when necessary, and each student will receive personal attention.

Each time we approach a new subject will be a different situation, and should be treated with a fresh outlook and not a much repeated formula. In other words, we should paint what we see, not what we think we know. Other topics discussed will be composition, contrast, edges, planes, perspective, and simplifying equipment.

For more information about the workshop scroll down the home page of the Artists of Northwest Arkansas website. To view Mr. Peil's work, visit his website at:

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