Sunday, September 14, 2008

Calm in NE Oklahoma

We have had lots of rain thanks to Ike but if we had winds in our area last night, I slept through it all. My heart goes out to everyone affected by Hurricane Ike. Seeing the damage brings home how vulnerable we are to Mother Nature.

Very little painting done yesterday on the BC Lodge painting. Instead, I've been studying the photo taken this morning of the painting and am not at all happy with the foliage on the hillside. Did you notice the swath of dark tree areas on each side of the painting? How they cut the hillside into three separate areas rather than being integrated? I'm trying to think in terms of warm/cool, light vs. dark, small shapes vs. large shapes. directional flow of the of each plane in the hillside. I am also going to begin another painting so that my mind can go in a different direction rather than obsessing about the Lodge painting.
I read a quote somewhere that I really liked and am paraphrasing here; "I'm not striving for perfection but, excellence." Excellence is what I'm trying to learn and hope you will share my struggles and accomplishments with me!


Deb L├ęger said...

Hi Ann,

I'm glad Ike wasn't too hard on you! (And am also glad that he didn't bring those horrendous thunder storms you get there.)

I love the trees you're doing in this painting! I can see your point, though, in the darkening of the two sides. Will you darken the centre area to avoid the cutting of the hillside? It's looking great - it really is!


Sandy Maudlin said...

I'm not sure but I think the darkness on both sides of the hill adds movement to the painting. The darks seem to enclose and keep my eye moving around the painting rather than wander out. Maybe increase the dark a bit on the center left to suggest a wedge edge pointing in toward the center or down toward the lodge...

The distraction for me is the separation of the lodge and water from the green above....seems like the trees are pressing down on the bottom third of the painting. A darker foreground might help resolve it??? And maybe increase the small patches of brown up in the trees to make a zig zag pathway for the eye to move from top to bottom. Only ideas. Sometimes what I see on my monitor isn't what's true in real life.

Glad you didn't get Ike's winds. We weren't home when they hit here, but it really tore things up, tho not as nearly like poor Texas. Still have half amillion without power.

Ann Buckner said...

Deb and Sandy, thank you both for your comments on this painting. It helps a lot to have constructive feedback. I will be working more on the fore- and mid-ground areas as well as looking at those trees again, refining values and shapes. I'm not getting much painting done but am getting the house ready for Mom's 90th.

I'm happy you are okay after Ike, Sandy and that it doesn't take long to repair any damages you had.

Thanks for the help on this painting, both of you!