Friday, September 26, 2008

Class Day

The early morning has been spent sorting through the plein air box and other art supplies, making sure I have everything for class, plus cleaning the palette that I didn't clean last night. Taking a class is a lot like planning to paint outside, having to be prepared for anything. That means paper towels, bag(s) for trash (in case we paint outside), a hat to shade the eyes, mediums/mineral spirits, not to mention brushes, paints, painting supports and palette(s). It looks like I'm getting ready for a week's vacation, *grin*. Class is a lot like a vacation in that I can get away from the normal everyday things that must be done and concentrate solely on listening to the instructor and painting. It is wonderful and sometimes stressful at the same time.
I'm planning to leave for class a bit earlier than usual so that if something catches my attention, I can take photos of the scenic area I drive through to get to Fayetteville, AR. The foothills of the Ozarks is beautiful this time of year, as the leaves are beginning to change color and are lazily floating to the ground. The walnut trees especially have dropped their leaves. The photo below was taken a few years ago of a place just up the highway from me. I took the photo while driving then cropped it to focus on what captured my attention. I am hoping that the colors this Fall are even lovelier.


H Masterson said...

Hello Anne - Catching up with you by your blog today. It's been awhile since I had time to just click on my artists list. I really love this photo you took. The lights and shadows are simply gorgeous. Have you taken another shot now the we're into Fall colors?

Also love the Baptist Mission and your WiP of it. I also am working in oils as well as my pastels after spending most of my summer with a bunch of plein air painters. Have really enjoyed. Looks like you are getting a gret benefit from Tim Tyler classes.

Ann Buckner said...

I'm so pleased you stopped by the blog Harriet. Awhile back, I inadvertently deleted my links list, so now I can add your blog back on my list that I enjoy viewing.

I haven't taken as many Fall photos yet. The colors are just now coming into their own and the leaves are beginning to drop steadily.

Oils is quite a transition from pastels and acrylics. Looks like you are doing great with them though.