Sunday, October 12, 2008

10-11-08 Class

Below is a slide show of photos taken in yesterday's class. It was a really good class! Tim is doing his best to help me break the habit of painting the same place over and over again or diffusing the paint. He puts in broad strokes, planning where the stroke will go before he places it, then leaves it alone. So even though plein air is suppose to be quick because of how fast the light changes, this plein air painting is mostly a lesson in looking, planning and placing the strokes.

Later in the class Tim discussed perspective with us since I am bumbling with it. I recorded this portion of the discussion so I can review it often. Also, he discussed SLR camera settings as I didn't know anything about the camera I was using. I'm still not having much luck getting the right settings but believe that will come with time and practice. So the Auto setting is being used a lot!


Dianne Mize said...

Ann, I had a bit of extra time this evening so decided to spend some of it with your blog and website. I have thoroughly enjoyed myself. I must tell you that the portrait of your mom is compelling. It has such rich variations of skin tones and is so sensitively and competently expressed. I feel like I've just had a chat with her.
Keep up the good work and conquer that brush-studdering that Ken's trying to break you of.

Ann Buckner said...

Thank you Diane! I so appreciate your continuing encouragement. *Grin* brush-studdering is a most accurate description of applying the brush too long in one spot.