Thursday, October 02, 2008

Noon Time Plein Air

I began this plein air with the sun not quite overhead. Now the sun has moved so that I would have to be chasing the light and shadow directions. I used some unstretched canvas from a canvas pad taped to a board for these practice studies. My goal is to learn to paint greens but even more to learn to paint what I see. Tomorrow, I hope to go back to this painting at the same time of day. I won't be painting in the storage building or the fence, nor all the trees. My focus is the large tree in the photo that is near the center. It is the variation of colors, shapes and values I see in the trees and the grasses that interests me. I wanted to mention the colors I'm using for this which are Holbein Ultramarine, WN Alkyd Cobalt Blue, WN Cerulean Blue, Holbein Yellow Ochre, WN Cadmium Yellow, M. Graham Burnt Sienna, WN Terra Verte, M. Graham Transparent Red Iron Oxide, and Titanium White. By posting the palette used, it helps me to remember what colors were used. I also used the Transparent Red Iron Oxide and the Burnt Sienna interchangably.

I watched excerpts from a Johnnie Liliedahl video this morning on painting shadows both in landscape and still life. If I remember right, in landscapes, the cast shadows will be cooler if the sky is blue, the form shadows will often be warm because of the surrounding terrain as will open shadows. I will have to watch it again so that I can soak up more of what she teaches.

The oil painting class has been switched from Friday back to Saturday. Either day works for me as long as I am learning and painting.


Dawn said...

looking good Anne, looking forward to the updates.

Ann Buckner said...

Thanks Dawn! :)