Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Skin Tone Study

Late last night I practiced skin tones. The face is from my imagination and I wasn't concerned about accuracy of shapes and placement of the facial elements but concentrated on values, colors and hard/soft edges. I flipped over a used piece of 140# Arches watercolor paper, and did a few test areas of different color mixes before deciding on the colors in this study.

Mixing new gamboge with permanent alizarin crimson, I washed a very pale layer over a large oval-shaped area, let that dry. Next a mix of new gamboge, p. alizarin crimson, burnt sienna and cobalt blue for the shadows. With these colors one can go greener or bluer or more purple in the shadows, depending on the amount of paint added to the mix. Using the shadow color I quickly laid in the shadows in the eye areas, along the nose and placed the mouth, softening edges, adding shadow under the chin and on the neck.

This is a very rudimentary study but invaluable in learning skin tones, where to have hard edges, how to soften and blend the tones and edges, and studying shadow areas of the face. It took about 20 minutes or less, minus drying time, to do this study.


RH Carpenter said...

So far so good, Ann, but I don't see any hard edges in this at all - it's all soft (or do I need to clean my glasses again?)

Ann Buckner said...

You are right Rhonda, not many hard edges so it isn't your glasses. I wanted to practice softening edges and try out this skin color which I learned about watching a Jan Kunz video.