Sunday, October 05, 2008


I didn't take photos during class yesterday so here are three photos that were taken the 1st day of October, 2008. In the first photo is a spider, a kind which I haven't seen before in this area. The stripes on the body look yellow in the photo but they were a bright green. The dog is Lacey which we rescued from a trap when she was a puppy. The horses are quarter horses and make their home in the pasture. Yesterday began with a thunderstorm and some lovely rain which fit my mood perfectly; laid back and quieter than usual. The oils class with Tim Tyler is back to Saturday and it was a lovely morning for the hour's drive. The class was also a harmonious rather laid back class as we sat around and discussed painting. I think we all were in the mood to ponder paintings of those in the class as well as works by other artists. Stephanie was working on a child's portrait (sorry didn't take photos this week.) She is doing a lovely piece of work too. There was one area on the portrait with which Stephanie was unhappy and wanted to know if there was a way to correct it. So while Tim and Stephanie discussed the painting and then worked on it, I quietly observed. Discussed were the half tones, transitions from warm to cool, the amount of paint applied; thin in darks thicker in the light, and the kinds of strokes; smooth or more texture.

I didn't paint at all yesterday and left class early as my body said it needed rest more than painting. I did bring home the 2nd plein air painting though with instructions from Tim to match the colors used and to paint as much as I could from memory.

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