Sunday, November 02, 2008

Fall Foliage Photos

These photos were taken before class yesterday morning at Tim's place. The first set shows an amazingly beautiful canopy of Fall foliage as I knelt beneath this tree and looked up. These photos don't do justice to the light filtering through the leaves, creating a beautiful glow.

The next set of photos were taken for reference material to see the shapes and colors of the leaves. I like the composition especially in the first photo

This set of photo is a wonderful example of 1-point perspective. I wish I had taken better photos with slightly different viewpoints.
Then in class I took a photo of the teapot thinking I would bring the class painting home to finish it. Well, I forgot the painting but still, isn't that a great looking teapot. I began a new still life study using the pot and oddment in the second photo. Aren't the reflections in the glass wonderful. Those reflections aren't as noticeable when looking at the still life set up in real life. I was meeting a client for coffee when I left and forgot to take a photo of the new class study. The nuances of color in the vase are absolutely beautiful, reds which can be seen in the photo, and the greens, ranging from a frosty/hazy green to a deeper richer green.


RH Carpenter said...

I hope to see a tree series coming soon, Ann. Love the photos of all the trees - and that teapot, too.

Ann Buckner said...

Those trees were gorgeous and deserve to be painted. Hope to be painting again soon!