Monday, November 03, 2008

In The Mood to Organize

I must be in the mood for Fall Cleaning. Last night and today was spent cleaning up my website, adding keywords and other attributes like "Comments" beneath each painting. I was trying to setup my website so it could be read by an RSS feeder but after spending hours reading, typing and failure after failure, I finally called my ISP to see if it could be done. The short answer was "No", not using Image Cafe, which is what I used to set up the website. I have FrontPage so may set up a website using it to see if it can be done that way. But, only when I have some spare time.

The other house cleaning has been in listing my artwork with pertinent information in a database. I am listing a few paintings at a time as it is time consuming too.

If only I had a magic Genie that would clean up my studio. It needs to be sorted, rearranged so there is space to paint and draw. I am such a clutterbug and like to have whatever I need at the moment, close at hand. The computer in front, coffee pot on the left, watercolor table on the right and behind me, sits the oils easel and table. Every wall has storage/chests, shelves, and cabinets which contain still life objects, paper, adhesives, sprays, videos, cds, books, etc., etc. So every surface is covered with whatever is needed for that task. And no, I'm not posting photos as I don't want to shock anyone ha ha.


RH Carpenter said...

When you discover that Magic Genie, Ann, I'll go in halfsies with you to pay for him/her/it! ha ha

Deb L├ęger said...

could I share the Magic Genie, too? lol

Ann Buckner said...

If the Magic Genie ever shows up I'll send her your way ROFL. You two are so funny. *grin* I've decided to tackle one wall and sort out that area. That way I might get something accomplished. But first things first: nap, vote, errands, clean in between painting.