Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Peace Rose, The Beginning

I loosely sketched a Peace Rose on a 10" x 10" piece of Fabriano soft press paper. I taped the edges in two inches on each side for the area that will be covered by a mat. The sketch is so light but hope you can see enough of it to tell it is there. I chose this size painting specifically as I have a square gold frame that I have been wanting to use.

Next, I went directly to the center of the rose and a couple of other areas, placing Quinacradone Gold. These areas will be the darkest area of the rose. Because the rose is set in a grassy setting, I used Yellow Ochre as an underpainting around the rose.

The rose bush was a gift from friends in Wyoming and I hope it survives the winter. I took a photo of the rose in September, this year and am using it for reference. In the photo, the grass is rather dull and the day was a bit overcast so no strong shadows.

To the right of the painting in the bottom photo you can see the edges of two porcelain trays (there is third large porcelain tray that isn't shown.) They are perfect for mixing washing and clean up beautifully. One tip I learned from Tim Tyler is to write the name of the color on the rim so I know exactly which color I'm using. Then when I'm finished painting. The paint simply washes off. I purchased these trays at Crate and Barrel, on-line, for a very reasonable price and has been one of the best purchases I've made.

Depending on how much available time I have inbetween shopping and Thanksgiving preparations, I hope to have more steps to post.


RH Carpenter said...

Lovely start, Ann. I'll be back to check your progress, if you have time to do more. If not, then have a very Happy Thanksgiving, my friend.

Ann Buckner said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and Jerry, Rhonda! Hope you have lots of terrific food and a truly blessed day filled with family and friends.

Thanks too for the comment. Not much chance yet to work but I'm hopeful for some time this evening.