Monday, November 10, 2008


Here is a link to a quick graphite sketch of a male nude placed on my website as nudity may offend some people. This way gives one an option to click or not.

Not much painting or sketching done these last few days after a bout with a stomach virus. In a few minutes though, I am going to put some paint to a piece of watercolor paper just to get past the "white paper, what do I do syndrome."

I have spent some time reading Artsy Fartsy News (what a name lol) published by Robert Burridge. He always has interesting reading. Then, I visited Italy via Sandy Maudlin's blog. I just love her paintings. They are always so well designed and painted. I also watched a bit of video by oil painter David Darrow.


RH Carpenter said...

That is not an easy pose to draw, Ann, and I think you did really well. Love the muscled, strong legs and lower body that has enough weight to hold up the whole body. Sorry you've been sick :(

Ann Buckner said...

Thanks Rhonda. I enjoy sketching, trying to capture the movement or gesture plus the shape of the body.

RonRegan said...

Hi Ann,

I love mysteries, too. Havent read one in a while.

I also love Italy. Did you happen to see Robert Graham's paintings from his recent trip to Italy. He is on wet canvas, username dadarob and is an excellent watercolorist and landscape artist

Its nice knowing you.


Ann Buckner said...

Hi Ron, thanks for giving me Robert Graham's name. He is one terrific watercolorist. Such excellent light, and the way he painted the buildings is something I can only aspire to.

I'm so pleased you took time to visit the blog and comment. Thanks!