Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Swingin' WIP Progress

Swinging' WIP
16" x 20"
Oil on Canvas

Yesterday was great because I had some time to paint. This photo was taken under warm/cool fluorescent lights and is showing a bit of glare plus the grass is a bit more green. There probably won't be time today to work on this as we took my sister to the ER last night and then was transported to a Tulsa hospital that specializes in heart problems. She was stablized and feeling a bit better when I came home in the wee hours of the morning.


Deb L├ęger said...

Hi Ann,

I sure hope Joyce is doing better now and will be home soon!

Ann Buckner said...

Thanks Deb! She is doing better and hopefully she will be home today. Hope you are painting!

Sandy Maudlin said...

Hope all's well with your whole family and you have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Tho we've never met, I wanted to tell you that I get such a sense of serentiy and peace when I 'visit' you via your blog. It's in your paintings, your words, thank you.

Ann Buckner said...

Thank you Sandy, for your kind words. They are most appreciated and came at the perfect time. I hope too, that you and your family have a lovely Thanksgiving, filled with many blessings.

Anonymous said...

Hope she will be fine and nice pictures. Thanks for sharing your feelings and though. We pray for good for you.

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Ann Buckner said...

Your thoughtfulness is much appreciated "Plastic Business Card". Thank you