Monday, December 08, 2008

Drawing WIP

A work in progress using grapite on 18" x 22" Fabriano Soft Press 140# watercolor paper. The paper is a soft white and I haven't adjusted the photo at all as far as lights/darks, etc., so the paper has a slight reddish tint in the photo.

The model for this drawing is a lovely lady with a great personality. I began with the face because getting the features right is the most important part of the drawing to me. There is still much to do with the features, especially the eyes, and the shading. This drawing will be a semi-nude and it should be fun (meaning interesting) getting the drapery right.


Anonymous said...

Looking good so far Ann, those eyes are captivating, I'm already waiting for the next step :)

Ann Buckner said...

Thanks Teresa! She has very nicely shaped eyes, which shine with her gentle nature. I hope I can capture that look in the finished drawing.