Monday, December 22, 2008

Monday Morning Armchair Traveling

This morning started off with a lovely cup of coffee and viewing blogs. I enjoy reading about what is happening in different parts of the world through other artists' blogs. I started off with Making a Mark which always has interesting tidbits and lots of links to other sites. Through a link from Making a Mark, I found Ancient Artist: Developing an art career after 50 by Sue Smith, which I thoroughly enjoyed reading. I then went on to view Sue's blog about her artwork, Sue Smith's Studio. Such a neat way to start off the week as these blogs offer tidbits, questions, and ideas plus, artwork. I'll be posting Sue's blog links to the side bar as I intend to visit her blog frequently.

Digging back into the archives here is another Christmas painting done in 2003, just to provide a little Christmas cheer. I love snow globes because they are bring out the wonder a child has when the globe is shaken and snow fall over the scene. The painting is watercolor and done from a still life set up. I was learning to paint in watercolor when this painting was done and am still learning, *grin*.


Angela Fehr said...

I love this painting! The color is so saturated - I think I'm drawn especially to the background.

Ann Buckner said...

Thanks Angela! The background, if I remember right, was Alizarin Crimson, Pthalo Blue and Green which makes a great dark.