Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Wishing You A Blessed & Prosperous New Year & Nude Sketch

I do hope each of you enjoy the New Year festivities in your area whether it is out and about or with family and/or friends. As 2008 ends, it is a good time to ponder the past year but an even better time to think of what we would like in 2009.

My goals focus on my family, friends and art. One art goal as mentioned previously, is to learn to draw better. By that I mean not only with a pencil but with a brush. In essence drawing for me means "seeing" better, the relationships between shapes and values, coordinating the eye to hand or maybe I should say brain to hand. Thinking and planning more not only prior to a painting or drawing but before each brushstroke or mark. Appreciating the look of a stroke or mark for its unique appearance and knowing whether that mark works.

You know the old saying, "slow down and smell the roses"? Well that is another of my goals when it comes to art. When I paint or draw I always have the feeling I must rush, when actually the only time table is of my own making.

You can see the rushed, unplanned look of this sketch I did from Hogarth's book. The only part I halfway like is the right foot. The benefit of this drawing though is teaching me what doesn't work and that I must break the bad habit of marking before actually knowing which mark to make, the size of the mark or which direction the mark should go. Plus, overmarking is a bad habit I have.

I'm saving the sketches done during 2009 to see if I can see improvement at the end of the year.

What goals or plans do you have for yourself in 2009? Whatever they are, I hope you find as much true joy as I do when I'm painting and that they come to fruition.


Deb L├ęger said...

I see so much improvement over just a few short months! I can't wait to see what the end of 2009 brings, Ann! I sure wish I had your dedication to learning the art of drawing.

Ann Buckner said...

You have dedication in spades Deb. Can't wait to see more of your beautiful watercolors.