Sunday, January 25, 2009

At the Zoo, Sketch

I haven't posted much this past week. It was one of those times when every day had something scheduled or unexpected. I was beginning to feel I was falling down on my goal for 2009 of doing more sketching and drawing.

This graphite sketch on printer paper is from a photograph taken by my daughter of three of my grandkids at the zoo. The two boys in the middle and my granddaughter, who is bent down and is mostly hidden behind the boys legs.

Underneath the railing is glass and there is a wonderful play of reflections in the glass which were just barely indicated in this sketch. The figure on the viewer's right is only partially indicated in the photo, mainly just part of the back pack and shorts with just a hint of a leg. For this sketch though, I added more of the figure

I haven't thought of a title yet for the painting I want to do based on the photo and sketch but for now will call it At the Zoo.


Deb L├ęger said...

Are you going to paint this? It's going to be good! I love the way your granddaughter is bent down - so avidly watching. It makes you wonder what is on the other side of that glass or railing! Great stuff, Ann!

Ann Buckner said...

I am planning to paint this Deb. I hope I can portray the beautiful warm tones on the rock in the shadows and the light hitting the kids.