Saturday, January 17, 2009

Brian, Overworked

Instead of posting a new entry today, I decided to post here as I quickly changed the shape of the jaw line and shortened the chin just a bit. I was not after finished changes but only changes to show what a difference shape can make to a likeness. The nose just a bit too long and I didn't try to correct that. So here are the two photos side by side so the changes can be seen. The painting is so overworked now it isn't salvageable but has served as a learning experience. For some reason I can't get the two photos to line up evenly.

I've spent the day working on this painting. It is close to looking like Brian but there are several things out of sync such as the nose, especially the right nostril. When I place the painting beside the photo, the discrepancies are more apparent. This is exactly the reason why it is imperative to have as accurate a drawing as possible before placing the first brush stroke if one wants to get a reasonable likeness.

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