Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Road Trip, Changes

Wednesday, 01-14-09

In the comments, Sandy thought the pure color of the blue throw and jacket competed with the face. I took her suggestion to tone down the throw by glazing it with orange, the complement of blue, to gray or mute some of the blue. She was right, it does look so much better. This photo was taken inside this morning while the photo below was taken outside, yesterday.

After a critique by the Painting Friends art group, I made some changes by scrubbing out the neck and the gray lap throw and repainting them. I like the blue throw better but didn't quite get the look of Tim's chin correct. I also added more color behind his head in the dark area and along the shadow side beside his head and body on the seat. More color was added to the pages of the book as well. I'm calling this one finished unless the chin area bothers me so much I have to change it. *grimace*


RH Carpenter said...

You've captured a sleepy, tired looking young boy here. Love the hair and the softness of the skin - which he might hate because it doesn't look very masculine yet :)
Good changes and good colors throughout.

Sandy Maudlin said...

EXCELLENT. The face is so well done and the hair is absolutely perfectly executed. On my monitor, the blue of the throw plus his jacket are very powerful. Looks like they are pure color and grab my eye probably a little more than needed. Possibly a pale glaze of Burnt orange or burnt sienna over the lower and outside ares of those two blue shapes would tone them down a bit and help give more importance to the face... I'd keep the blue up around the neck area to pull the eye there.
Ann, the way you've captured his expression is so good. The eyes show such emotion - I can sense his mood for sure. The mouth looks like he could speak at any moment. Just a great job:-D

Ann Buckner said...

Thanks for looking Rhonda. I really tried to get that tousled look in Tim's hair but didn't quite get it. In this painting and in others he appears younger doesn't he. I just haven't been able to get that more mature, masculine look that he actually has. *smile*

Sandy, thank you! The photo of the watercolor was taken outside which makes the blue of the jacket and throw appear even stronger. I will take more photos to see if I can get a truer color on the jacket and the throw as the throw is quite dark as is some parts of the jacket. The skin tones, seat and background are reading right but his hair is still too red in this photo. He has blondish/sandy/red/brown color hair.