Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Sadie Sketch

A comment was just posted wondering why I drew on Bristol Board first. The reason is that a goal I have set for myself in 2009, is to sketch frequently. This line drawing is my sketch for today. I then traced the line drawing to tracing paper, flipped it over, rubbing graphite over the lines, and transferred the drawing to Fabriano Aristico Soft Press watercolor paper. I could have drawn Sadie again directly on the paper but this way I don't have to be concerned that erasure marks have scarred the paper.

The photo to the right shows the transferred drawing and some of the color application made to the face and hands, using New Gamboge and Rose Madder with shadows using the flesh mixture and ultramarine violet. You will note the bands across the paper and that is shadows from the desk.

The palette I'm using is New Gamboge (yellow), Rose Madder Genuine (cool pinkish), Carmine (a darker cool red), Scarlet Lake (an orangy red), ultramarine violet and cobalt blue. From these colors I can mix the greens needed and any neutrals.

Using a reference photo my daughter sent me, I sketched this line drawing on Bristol Board of my granddaughter, Sadie, using a .09 mechanical pencil. I will check the alignment and size of the hat and the width of the ear before transferring this line drawing to watercolor paper. I had to up the contrast in Photoshop of the line drawing because it is so light. If it looks like Sadie is leaning, it is because she is. She is leaning against or partially laying on an armchair. As you can tell by now, Sadie is one of my favorites to sketch.


RH Carpenter said...

I like this, Ann, but am wondering why you drew it first on Bristol board first and then will transfer to wc paper? Are you going to do two paintings?

Ann Buckner said...

Rhonda, thanks for asking this question. I answered on the blog in case others were curious too as to why I transferred rather than redrew Sadie on watercolor paper.