Monday, February 16, 2009

Animal Lover

I am a big animal lover. You ask, "What does that have to do with art?" Well, there is an organization called Art Helping Animals which I think is fantastic in what they do. So please, check them out. Their link will be posted in the Blog Roll on the side bar in just a few minutes. Below is a photo of my dog, Lacey. When Lacey was a puppy her paw was caught in a trap. My brother helped me to release her. Since then she has made her home with us. We get a lot of strays in this area and at one time had five, now we just have Lacey. My niece will be bringing Sammie, a shitzu puppy, to live with us. Hope he and Lacey become friends quickly!

My twin has a birthday coming up in a few weeks so since she doesn't check this blog, I will post the portrait WIP I will be doing of her and her husband. She gets to see everything I do in person so she doesn't feel the need to visit this blog. She has also requested a caricature of her five grandchildren. Having never done caricature, it will take some practice to get a reasonable likeness with emphasis on certain attributes of each child. That should be fun!


Deb L├ęger said...

Ohhhhh Lacey is soooo beautiful! We used to have a black lab and her name was Hunter. Can't wait to see the portrait of your sister and her husband!

Ann Buckner said...

Lacey appreciates your comment, Deb. I bet Hunter was a beauty.