Monday, February 23, 2009

Birthday Portrait Update 3

Yesterday was a truly enjoyable day. I watched a couple of videos by Sharon Sprung on I mixed different hues on my palette with the goal of matching Sharon's skin tones. I finally settled on Raw Sienna and Cad. Red Medium for her skin tones, using either more red or more yellow depending on the tone needed using white or Naples Yellow to lighten and Black or Burnt Sienna to darken. For the green tones, I used raw sienna and black, mixed to the value wanted. I also have Alizarin Crimson, Cad. Yellow light and Cobalt blue added to the palette for cooler tones.

Happily Sharon came to play cards last night, so I brought her down to my studio and had her close her eyes until she was in front of the painting then, had her open them. Her expression was priceless and wished I had had the camera ready for a photo. I won't forget her delighted, surprised expression. It was a special moment even though her birthday isn't for another two weeks. But, I put some paint mixture on a palette knife to see if it matched her skin tones and it did, perfectly lol. Now I can go ahead with more confidence.

I worked on the shape of her nose and mouth and have the basic shape but the nose looks flatter than it actually is so will correct that. Her smile is almost correct too but still needs more adjusting. So far this is just the base of the painting and plan to fine tune everything. I changed the background as well and it is a warmer gray-green with hints of red and blue. I am now using oils mixed with alkyd oils.


RH Carpenter said...

I'm so glad she got to see it and that it was so wonderful for her!!! What a great birthday present this will be :) Would have liked to have a photo of you testing your colors up close to her skin to see if they match! ha ha

Ann Buckner said...

That would have been funny to see. She was lucky I didn't actually put paint on her skin to see how well it blended. :)