Thursday, February 05, 2009

Spring Cleaning & More Oldies

Yesterday was spent rearranging furniture in the studio and cleaning. Do you ever reach the point where you can't work until the studio has been cleaned and straightened? I do and yesterday was it for me. Today, is sorting and tossing out things that I've stored thinking "one day I'll use this" but never have.

This watercolor painting now hangs on my sister's wall and was painted in 2003. It is still one of my favorite paintings. The purple border is computer generated.


Vikki North said...

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RH Carpenter said...

I like this painting a lot, too, Ann. Cleaning the studio before painting? Nah, I just step over the mess and ignore it! I've even been known to step on paper on the floor (not on purpose but forgetting it was off to the side drying) - but then I have such a small space there isn't anywhere to put anything. One day I'll have a big studio with large windows and...maybe in my next lifetime.

Dawn said...

really nice Ann! love it!

Ann Buckner said...

lol Rhonda, right now we can but dream of more space. I keep wishing this room was wider. Still have to sort and pitch things but am in the mood to paint if I can get everything back together in its proper area. Stepping on or over paper/paintings that are drying shows you are one busy artist, which is a very good thing. :D

Hi Dawn, thanks for stopping by and your lovely comment.

Patricia Kavanagh said...

Hi Ann. I've been looking at your work and I really like it. I know how you feel about having an organised studio, I can't work until my studio is just the way I want it. I'm always changing it to suit my mood and the time of year.

Ann Buckner said...

Red Chair, thank you for the invitation. The challenges sound most intriguing.

Patricia, thank you. I visited your blog and will visit again to view your artwork.

Ann Buckner said...

Patricia, I went back to your blog and enjoyed your paintings. I especially liked Kinvara. I tried to leave a comment but it said I must be a "team member."