Sunday, March 01, 2009

Birthday Portrait, Side by Side Comparison

This morning I did a side by side comparison with the photo I am using for reference. Using the Paint program lines were drawn on the painting and reference photos. Vertical lines from the inside corners of the eyes to the edge of the nose, vertical lines from the center of each eye to the edge of the mouth; horizontal lines from the bottom edge of the eyes to each eye to see if they line up, the same with the bottom of the outside edges of the nose. Then I drew lines around the mouth, a rectangle, to see how off I was in comparison to the photo. Next a horizontal line was drawn from the inside corner of the right eye to the inside corner of the left eye. That line, when drawn vertically from the bottom of the bottom lip to the edge of the chin should be about the same length. Then I looked at her shoulders and noticed how far forward her right shoulder appears. This taught me to do this comparison in the each stage of the painting instead of waiting until near completion. So now I have a bit of reworking to do.

I won't post the side by side comparison photo until I have reworked the painting. Then I will post the before and after so the differences can be seen. A further note, the goal isn't to make the painting exactly like the photo but it is my goal to paint a good resemblance of Sharon.

On a different note, we have a chilly 16F this morning after snow yesterday. The sun is now shining and we are going to have high temps around 40F. A lovely day but nothing Spring like about that cold air *grinning*.


RH Carpenter said...

Well, I liked the look of your birthday portrait, Ann, but only you know if it's "right" or not. Remember, don't get too lost in details and measurements - just capture the joy that she has and the sense of humor they both have (I think you've done that).

Ann Buckner said...

Thanks for comments Rhonda. It those niggling little things that is throwing off the resemblance. Just have to correct them and hope that I can bring even more life to how she looks. :)

Deb L├ęger said...

Ann, I think the painting is beautiful. Don't forget - photographs distort a lot! Look at what they do to the perspective of buildings. So don't think you have to make it exactly like the photograph. It's YOUR interpretation that makes it art and I think your interpretation of this is beautiful!!!

Teresa Palomar Lois said...

I was loving her face, her cheeks and eyes looked already so alive, but it is you who knos if the portrait looked like her or not.

Will be waiting to see you improvements on this one, just keep going

Ann Buckner said...

Deb and Teresa, thank you both for taking the time to look and comment. You both are right, it is my interpretation of her, and I am keeping that in mind as I paint. Thanks!