Friday, March 27, 2009

Chatter, TGIF, Watercolor 1st Steps

It is "Thank Goodness It's Friday" (TGIF) day for a lot of people, signaling the end of another work week. It is a cloudy Friday morning and looking out my window, I love the way the grass is greening, set against muted colors of early morning. All is quiet and a lovely time for reflection and thankfulness.

A part of this morning has been spent visiting artists' blogs. I love going to one blog such as Deano's Den, then visiting the links listed and it keeps going, traveling from one blog to the next, viewing the next blog's links. There are so many talented, creative artists and it would be so easy for one to compare one's work and find mine lacking next to theirs. Instead, I take my work out of the equation and just get lost in the words and their paintings. Viewing artwork is rejuvenating to my soul and spirit.

I have been wanting to paint the recently refurbished KCS train depot in my home town which is now the home of the Historical and Genealogical Society. Last night I applied misket (the gray, shiny stuff) to watercolor paper to retain the white areas and am thinking the misket should have been watered down to get smoother, straighter lines for the flag and light poles. A pale layer of Deep Scarlet was applied to the building and roof, just to have some color on the paper. The sketch is so pale it is difficult to see the lines and will have to redraw the clock that is on the viewer's left.

I am using Fabriano Artistico watercolor paper, 11" x 14", but this time, I prepared a piece of paneling, sealing the wood, then glued the paper to the paneling with acrylic medium. I was curious to see how well the seal between the paper and the paneling would hold once the paper was wet. The really nice thing about doing this is the paper stays flat and taut.


Celeste Bergin said...

Good Morning Ann! Oh how I agree with you about the double edged sword of visiting blogs! For one thing a person can invest so much time in reading about someone else's art day they neglect their own! lol! Glad to see you are hard at work.. I will be watching your train is already looking correct from the beginning. :)

RH Carpenter said...

Okay, I have to ask - why glue the wc paper to wood paneling? Do you then take the paper off when you are done - or leave the paneling as a part of the painting? It's looking good and I like the flag waving - I can almost hear it flapping in the wind.

Ann Buckner said...

Celeste, That is so true, "For one thing a person can invest so much time in reading about someone else's art day they neglect their own!" I try to limit my time viewing but sometimes I get so involved,I forget the time. lol Thanks for stopping by. :)

Hi Rhonda, I like your curiosity. :) Gluing the paper to the board is an experiment to see if I like the way it looks and feels when painting and whether the seal will hold. I may even decide to seal the watercolor and frame without a mat. So far the seal is holding very well but I am not painting really wet. I can hear the groans and feel the shudders of more traditional painter lol. Not to worry though as I am one of them too. :)

Deb L├ęger said...

Hi Ann, this is a really great experiment! It'd be nice to do our own w/c boards instead of having to buy them already made, wouldn't it? Much more control over the type of paper. I like that you're using a wood panel and am anxious to hear how it turns out and how you liked it. I bought some w/c boards a few months back but they're w/c paper adhered to more of a mat board which is still too flexible. This is looking great.

Ann Buckner said...

Hi Deb, the panel is working very well. By sealing the board so the acid from the wood doesn't affect the paper, then gluing it down, has kept the paper taut even when wet. I keep trying to think of a way to keep paper flat without gluing and just saw a Carla O'Connor video where she used a heavy clip attached to each corner so am going to try that next.