Saturday, March 28, 2009

Chatter, Watercolor Small Steps

As a lot of you know, Creative Catalyst Productions offers fine art painting instructional videos from some of my favorite artists. No this isn't an ad but information about their new site,, which offers on demand viewing of instructional art videos. I love the ease of viewing online. I watched two last night, one by John Salminen on Urban Landscapes in Watercolor and another by Carla O'Connor, Figure Design in Gouache.

Only small steps were made yesterday with the Depot painting. I decided to be creative and put in a freight train using photos I had taken. Most of the miskit was removed so lines and angles can be corrected before adding more color and textures. Actually, I am not concerned about being too precise except for areas like the flag pole and light pole. The windows and doorways at least need to have the correct angles and height.

Woke up to light blowing snow this morning but the temp is now above freezing so it is mixed rain/snow. You can see in the photos taken this morning how pitiful one of the plum trees looks. At the time the photos were taken, a very fine snow was blowing but it is difficult to see in the photo. The photo of the wheel barrow was taken with the zoom lens.


Joanne said...

Nice blog. I love the koi painting on your banner.

Ann Buckner said...

Thank you Joanne! I just visited your blog again and wanted to say how much I enjoyed reading each post.