Friday, March 06, 2009

First Daffodil

It has been quite a week, very quiet as I slept and read, recouping my energy. I did do a little on the birthday portrait last night and started a watercolor. The watercolor though is one of those that didn't work out which sometimes happens. So to share a bit of Spring in Oklahoma, here is a photo taken yesterday of the first daffodil in our yard. Looks like some weeding needs to be done too.

Robert Genn had an interesting newsletter yesterday, about blues. It can be read online, Here


RH Carpenter said...

Haven't seen a single flower blooming yet here in NKY, Ann. Nice to see some signs of spring :) Sorry about the watercolor - and hope you have more direction now in the birthday portrait (when is it due?) after your rest.

Ann Buckner said...

Hopefully your area will see some blooms soon Rhonda. We have more daffs showing and a wonderful 70F this morning.

As far as the portrait, if all goes well it should be finished today.

Dean H. said...

My daffodils here in OH are barely peeking out today. They are green shoots about 2 inches high. How sweet it is! Spring is nearly here!

Deb L├ęger said...

It boggles my mind how early you get spring blooms, Lady! Can't wait to see how you're coming along on the birthday portrait.... Hope you're doing well, healthwise.

Ann Buckner said...

Dean hope you are seeing more signs of Spring in your area.

Deb, I know you still have a while before you have some spring blooms too.

It is suppose to snow here today then by Saturday be back in the high 50's.