Thursday, March 12, 2009

Watercolor Spree

In this link, I mentioned that the watercolor painting didn't turn out, so quit painting on it. This morning I decided to just play so I tried the paint bubbles and had more on me and the table than on the paper. It didn't work well for me but will try it again using more soap and a different container. Then I did a bit of negative painting, some splattering and dribbling paint. It was fun and a good break from oil painting


RH Carpenter said...

I like this, Ann. It looks like it was fun to play with it and the energy and fun shows in the painting. Sandy just uses a big container that is squared - a super large tupperware container thing - to mix the fluid acrylics, Dawn dishwashing soap and water in - then use a big long straw if you have one - would have loved to see you doing this and getting the bubbles on you, though :)

Sandy Maudlin said...

Hi Ann,
I really like this floral. It has a great mood and lots of movement. Have fun with the bubbles, hold the paper steady as you push it into the top layer of bubbles, and 'print' the bubbles quickly after they're blown, then re blow again for the next print. Nothing like making a mess to seal the deal of being an artist. Have a good weekend.

Ann Buckner said...

Hi Rhonda, thanks for sharing about the tub and your other comments. I was trying the bubbles with watercolor so that is where I erred. Plus, I used a short straw ha ha.

Hi Sandy,

Sounds like messy work and fun. Will give it a try again but am going back to your blog to reread your approach. Thanks for commenting. :)

Deb L├ęger said...

The messier, the funner! (Is 'funner' a word? LOL) Can you do this with just Dawn or can it be any kind of dishwashing liquid?

This looks really nice Ann! Very loose and painterly and spring-y.

Ann Buckner said...

Ha ha, funner. It's a word now lol. I would imagine it could be done with any liquid soap. It could be that Dawn gives the most bubbles. Will have to use acrylic next time to see if I get a better print. :)