Monday, April 20, 2009

Chatter & Photos

These photos are of the flowers behind my room which is an addition to the original brick house. The delicate petals of the iris are so lovely set atop the sturdy stalks.

I have been studying the principles and elements of composition and design. I wish I could say I'm getting a handle on it but my mind right now is a lot like a cauldron with all the ingredients, bubbling and stirring around.

One of the purposes behind the April Paint Along at Painting Friends art group is to discuss composition. I have to remember that the Principles are applied to the Elements. I find it difficult to formulate in words so am taking it point by point and diagramming on a photo of the painting and will post that at the art group. The painting can be seen here.

Another thing that happened this weekend is my 21" monitor quit working, or at least the switch did. So now I am using a 15" monitor that is not giving me true color. If I lightened the screen then what is posted is too light on other monitors. So on my monitor everything looks dark. Hopefully, on yours, the paintings and photos are right.


laura said...

I always wish I had gone to art school so that I would have the "elements" and "principles" (which I always confuse and can never remember) at my fingertips.
What a useful project to be involved in with a group.

Ann Buckner said...

Laura, I wish I had gone to art school too but today am most pleased with what is available on the internet, books, videos and other artists. Aren't artists wonderful, so willing to share their time and knowledge.

I just left your blog and must say I thoroughly enjoyed it. Love the poetry, the drawings and your studies.

L.Holm said...

LOL. Takes me back to my design teaching days! The students would glaze over when I'd explain the difference between the elements and the principles, and introduce the vocabulary. But they always 'got it' when they saw the visuals. We know good design (balance, proportion, dominance, etc..) intuitively. Don't stress too much about memorizing the terms. It'll come. Focus on what allows you to lead the viewers eye the way you want. Sorry to ramble on..I get excited by the topic! :-) I think it's fantastic that you have a group you can discuss all of this with.

also--so true about colors on a monitor. I have an old desktop and a laptop, and the same jpegs look vastly different on each screen. Hard to tell what others are seeing on their monitors. Your images don't look too dark here.

Ann Buckner said...

Wonderful that you taught design. I can see why visuals would lead us to a better understanding since we are such visual people. Thanks for the tip about leading the viewer's eye. I like the topic too and will like it even more when I can grasp the concepts better and actually learn to work with them.

Thanks too for letting me know about the images not being too dark. :)

Judy Adamson said...

I have exactly the same problem with the different colour on my old PC and my laptop so it's hit and miss whether others are seeing them as intended. In any case, I'm finding that particularly with my painted paper collage, the colours on the screen are nowhere near as subtle as the real thing! A couple of people have said recently that my greeting cards are much better 'in the flesh' but I suppose we just have to manage as best we can!