Friday, April 17, 2009

Chatter, Sunrise

No doubt I had the wrong settings on the camera because the sunrise had lovely colors this morning, the mauves/purples against the cool greens of Spring. This photo is looking NE. I love seeing the sun rise over the mountain. Why do mountains always look smaller in the photos I take?

No painting done. Sister is back in the hospital and we are waiting word from her daughter so will clean and move stuff around to ease some of the tension. Have to get the oils set up so I can paint in both oils and watercolors.


laura said...

I always have the same problem--nothing in nature looks as monumental in my photos. Once, before digital cameras, I took a whole roll of photos of clouds. Then I had them developed: what a huge disappointment! But I adjusted my expectations. Maybe that's why artists seem to prefer sketching and memorization?

Ann Buckner said...

I agree, being out, sketching and seeing the real thing beats a photo every time. :) Photos are handy though for recalling places and feelings.