Monday, May 18, 2009

Monday, Monday

Thank you Liz Holm for sending this award my way. I am a huge fan of Liz' work but also hold considerable admiration for her as a person. She is thoughtful, generous and a gentle soul.

One of the things to be done when receiving this award is to list seven things I love. In stead of seven things, I will just say I love waking up each new day which is filled with the unknown, the mystery of what is yet to happen during the day.

The other thing to be done is to pass this award along to seven other artists. Instead of doing that I would like to pass it along to every artist, those that are new and learning their craft, those that continue to paint and often struggle as the learning continues and to the professionals that give us inspiration and aspirations.

Remember this portrait I was doing for my twin's birthday? It still is not finished so yesterday I set it up on the easel again. I pushed paint around and I mean that literally. While pushing around paint her face grew, and believe me that is not a good thing, so I scraped her face down again. It is dry this morning so I will go in with charcoal and redraw her before starting again. I wonder why I am struggling so with this portrait. Could it be I'm wanting it to be perfect and when it doesn't happen I become frustrated? More than likely lol.


Cindi said...

congrats sweet friend, on a well deserved award!!!


RH Carpenter said...

Congratulations, Ann, on the pretty nifty award! And as for the painting, well, I would have been satisfied with the last version and unless it looked nothing like the couple, I would have stopped. But you have an eye that sees each imperfection and have, what I've just heard called, the curse of the detailed eye - Mary Ann Currier, a Kentucky artist, said that in a documentary I watched yesterday.

Ann Buckner said...

Thank you, Cindi. :)

Thanks, Rhonda. Would like to see that documentary because you know only too well how picky I am and how frustrated I get. Happily though, I'm persistent. :)

It is thanks to my BIL that I am repainting this. He said her cheeks weren't full enough ha ha. I should have told him it looks like a younger Sharon.

Deb L├ęger said...

Hi Ann!

Maybe it's because you know her so well and want it to be perfect? When you've finished the next version, hide it from your BIL until you give it to them! lol. I can understand though, wanting to redo it when someone criticizes it so don't sweat. Like you said, you're persistant!

but keep it well hidden. lol.

It looked awesome to me. But you're the one that has to be happy with it.


Ann Buckner said...

Hi Deb, I have missed you and your work. Hope all is well. Thank you for the comments about Sharon's portrait. I know I want everything to be perfect but will actually be most pleased with a reasonable likeness. I am still chuckling about hiding the paint from my BIL. That really is a good idea.

L.Holm said...

Hi, Ann - thanks so much for your kind words!
I think your portrait's coming along great. I have one in the studio that I had to scrape to canvas because the head grew so large while I was adjusting features. so frustrating. :-)

Teresa Palomar Lois said...

It was looking awesome IMHO Ann, but you know them both well so it's only normal that you find any little difference. So you're going to start it over again from zero? Sooner or later you'll get it perfect, perseverance pays in the end, right? you go girl!

Gary Keimig said...

I agree it is a curse that we as creators of art all possess. It may be perfect in so manys eyes but until it is in our own it really can be a curse. Only you know when it is finished so don't ever be talked into a paintings conclusion until it is finished in your own minds eye. Good luck.
Oh.-It looked pretty good to me

Ann Buckner said...

Liz, thanks for the encouragement. I enjoy reading of artists' experiences with their work and appreciated your sharing what is happening with the portrait. I hope to see it on your blog before long. :)

Hi Teresa, you always know the best thing to say. :) I did scrape down what I had painted and began again painting Sharon. I'm taking it pretty slow and letting each layer dry overnight so it will take me longer to finish.

Gary, excellent advice and thank you for sharing it as well as encouraging me to listen to my own vision of the painting. I am slowly learning to do that, appreciating comments and critques because fresh eyes see things I might have missed, but in the end going with what I believe to work best. Hope you stop by again soon.