Sunday, June 21, 2009

Chatter, Happy Father's Day

My father on the palamino horse leading the Strawberry Festival Parade sometime prior to 1954, which is when he passed away.

My mom and dad, again the photo from the early 1950's. Mom always gets a spot beside Dad on Father's Day, since she raised the seven of us by herself from the time I was eight.

To all you Dad's out there, I hope your children are a blessing and even more, that you are and have been a blessing to your children.

On the art scene this morning, I've been browsing the Scottsdale Art Auction website, looking at their 2009 catalog. Wonderful paintings if you like realistic work and western art, which I do. :)


Teresa Palomar Lois said...

I didn't know today was father's day there.

I love these old photos, somehow they have substance,I don't recall having seen a photo of your father before, right Ann? though I've smiled seeing your mom in that black/white photo next to your dad because up till now the image of your mother that's in my mind has been that smiling old lady with a coke in her hand in a family reunion; I love her looks in that photo next to your father, maybe is the dress, most likely the glasses, she has personality.

Wish her a happy father's day from me since she's been father and mother at once, hope you have planned a great day together :)

RH Carpenter said...

What great photos of your parents when they were younger :) Happy Father's Day to your Mom - what a strong woman, to raise so many kids on her own!

Deb L├ęger said...

Hi Ann, I hope you're feeling better and stronger. I loved seeing the shots of your Dad and Mom.

Ann Buckner said...

Hi Teresa, Rhonda & Deb! Hope all of you are enjoying Father's Day with your husbands and/or fathers. I enjoy looking at photos of my family when they were all young and I bet you do too!

Thanks for stopping by!

L.Holm said...

Your Dad cut quite a dashing figure, Ann. Am so sorry to hear you lost him at such a young age. Your Mom must have been quite a woman!

Ann Buckner said...

Hi Liz, thanks for stopping by. :) Mom is quite a woman, still going strong at 90. She has an avid interest in what is going on around her and in world events. I know that helps a lot.