Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Chatter, Rose Photo

Peace Rose

The roses are blooming in the yard and look so velvety and lush. These are beautiful roses and this particular bush was a gift from my friends in Wyoming who have a special love of the Peace Rose.

I didn't do any painting yesterday, instead I devoted my time to studying other artists' work. Their approach to laying down paint, what preliminary steps are taken before putting paint to paper or canvas. Looking at strokes/brushwork, their compositions, their value work and color choices. It can become a bit of "information overload" as my brain became saturated with so much information. So today, instead of thinking about all I read and saw yesterday, I will just paint and/or draw.

One of the blogs, I enjoy reading is Loosen Up, also listed in my sidebar. I enjoy her work and her writing. I was sorry to read that Linda Blondheim Art Notes will not be added to, but happily, Linda is leaving it as archive information. Linda always writes such interesting tidbits. Check out her collector blog, Landscapes of the South.

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