Thursday, June 25, 2009

Sharon & Robert Birthday Portrait Finished

Robert & Sharon
16" x 20"

I worked on this painting in small segments of time over the last couple of weeks. The photo on blogger looks a bit darker than the one stored on my computer. Wonder why that changes? Sharon hasn't seen this yet and I hope both she and Robert are more pleased with it now.

One of my beliefs that is in conflict with reality is that I can paint better than this. I think artists have to have that belief so that we keep striving for better. I know it is what spurs me on. Looking at this painting, it energizes me to want to study more, brushstrokes, edges, to see how the paint blends. To study the placement of warm and cools, how to turn forms, to see shapes and values.


Teresa Palomar Lois said...

You finished!!!! Sharon is going to love it Ann, and isn't it great that no matter how good you are you always aim for more? that's why you are so talented, because you never stop, the top will be at infinity... plus one!

Ann Buckner said...

As always Teresa, I see all kinds of things that could be improved but I am calling this one done. Thanks for taking a look! :)