Friday, July 31, 2009

Gestures 07-31-09

A bit of gesture practice this morning. I'm still trying to find balance and weight of the stance or of body movement; not so concerned yet about proportions. This practice will continue along with more refined work. I think gesture drawings are so expressive and lovely to view when done well.

My plans for today include painting. It has been so long since I have held a paint brush, I'm a bit nervous lol. That will dissipate once the brush is wet. I also have to help my niece with getting her modem and router properly set up plus get my Mom all spruced and ready for a trip to Branson. Since Mom has macular degeneration it means I get to polish her nails for her. :)

It is a beautiful day in Oklahoma after the lovely, refreshing rain yesterday. Our temps are expected to be in the mid-80's which is wonderful for this time of year.

Monday, July 27, 2009

1-Minute Gestures

Did these one-minute gesture sketches this morning. Trying to achieve economy of line, create a feeling of substance or bulk of the figure, a rhythymic flow to the body. For me that is a lot of information to try to get in a very short gesture. I do believe though that with time, I can achieve that. The main thing is to express the movement whether it reflects pensiveness or a more active stance. Even when still there is a sense of movement or aliveness in the body.

These gestures were drawn from figures at Pose

Friday, July 24, 2009

Today's Gestures

My first gesture drawings using the photo supplied by Sonni at the Wet Canvas Figure Forum workshop. These are 30 second sketches approximately as I don't have a 30 second timer. Gestures are done to get the rhythm or flow of the body, to describe action/activity. Will continue to practice using the same photo, then reversed photo. Plus, will do other gestures from different photos or from life when given the opportunity. I have never attended a life drawing class. Maybe someday!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Chest Sketch

This was drawn this morning from an image on Wikimedia. I want to do another drawing of the ribcage because it is drawn incorrect. It was hard for me to distinguish the rib from the open space plus the angles of the ribcage need to be corrected.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Skull Sketch

I found this wonderful website for studying the parts of the body - The skull above was sketched from their photo. Using pastels, the photo below shows the different sections in color with the section names.

Figure Sketch

The paper is quite white but is showing gray in this photo. Mom was sitting in the recliner, visiting for a little while before beginning her quilt project, so I tried to do somewhat of a gesture sketch to show the position of her body in the chair. I had not sketched her arms when she decided it was time to get busy and left the room. And no, this does not look like Mom's face.

I have been doing a lot of reading from different books on drawing the figure and the head. I am somewhat stymied on setting up a grid for 1-point perspective for figures. I know that the farther away the lines are such as a railroad track the narrower the lines become until they converge at the vanishing point. Also, the horizontal boards appear farther apart up close but as they progress into the distance the space between the horizontal board narrow. So how to figure out how much they narrow on the ground plane. Did I mention that math is not and has never been my thing? In the photo from Loomis, pg. 48, one can see how the both the vertical and horizontal lines begin to narrow. Anyway, that is my challenge for today, figuring it out.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Landscape Sketch

Sketched this while looking out my window. The western sun was hitting the trees and creating mysterious darks under the canopy of tree limbs. Probably could go darker in some areas to create more contrasts.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Ideal Placement, Figurative

I have spent most of the day reading about proportions and perspective of the figure. Until the placement of the parts of the body are firmly embedded in my memory, I will use the chart I worked up today based on the charts in the Loomis book, "Figure Drawing For All It's Worth", to double check myself when drawing.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Awkward Sketches

Most accomplished artists looking at this photo of what I sketched tonight will probably shudder at its clumsiness but it is all a part of learning, as they know all too well. Learning how to hold the pencil loosely in the hand in a position different from the normal writing position, feels awkward and clumsy. I have faith though that in time I will become more adept using the pencil in this position.

I am back on my soap box about my feeling of inepitude when it comes to drawing and sketching which inhibits me from starting a new painting. The only way I know to get past that is to practice (which I haven't been doing much of lately.) Perhaps other artists will see work like this as encouragement to continue no matter how awkward and clumsy the drawings/sketches are in the beginning, because with practice it has to get better. At least I hope that is the case.

The skeletal gestural figures at the top and the sketches of the bones are from a .pdf book, "Drawing and Anatomy" by Victor Perard. The hand sketch is of my hand while sketching to show how the pencil was held. Perhaps the hand sketch will also qualify as part of weekly sketches I am involved in with three other artists, online.

On another note, there is a Wet Canvas Figure Drawing workshop that has been started in the Figure Forum. I am following it with much interest. The first lesson is on drawing/sketching materials. There are so many artists in the forum whose work I admire. Watching the artists learn as they post their work and see the progress they have made is encouraging and to be applauded.

Chatter & July Week 2 Sketch

A quick sketch of the bar stool I sometimes sit on while painting watercolors. This sketch was done last night after I had taken my contacts out for the night. I might try a painting that way too to see what blurry vision accomplishes.

In the recent weeks, I haven't been focused on painting or sketching. I have done some reading and viewing of artwork online but mostly taking a much needed break. My energy is still not up to par; hopefully, that will pass soon with my interest and energy revived.

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Landscape Sketch

I have joined with three artist friends to do a sketch a week of our local area or anything I see in this area. I am behind as this sketch was for last week lol.

The sketch on the left was the initial sketch done with water soluble graphite. It was cropped because I centered the tree. The sketch on the right is the same sketch but added more to the left side of the sketch, darkened some areas and then used a damp brush to blend and move the graphite.

Monday, July 06, 2009

Schmid/Swatland Study

This photo was taken under a fluorescent light and is still wet in places. With incandescent it would appear a warmer green and a bit redder. Also, the top right (viewer's right) is showing lighter because of the light hanging above. I'm laughing because of all the disclaimers. In real life, it has much more sparkle. Anyway, I'm calling this done even though it isn't even close to Mr. Schmid's painting or Katie Swatland's study.