Monday, July 13, 2009

Awkward Sketches

Most accomplished artists looking at this photo of what I sketched tonight will probably shudder at its clumsiness but it is all a part of learning, as they know all too well. Learning how to hold the pencil loosely in the hand in a position different from the normal writing position, feels awkward and clumsy. I have faith though that in time I will become more adept using the pencil in this position.

I am back on my soap box about my feeling of inepitude when it comes to drawing and sketching which inhibits me from starting a new painting. The only way I know to get past that is to practice (which I haven't been doing much of lately.) Perhaps other artists will see work like this as encouragement to continue no matter how awkward and clumsy the drawings/sketches are in the beginning, because with practice it has to get better. At least I hope that is the case.

The skeletal gestural figures at the top and the sketches of the bones are from a .pdf book, "Drawing and Anatomy" by Victor Perard. The hand sketch is of my hand while sketching to show how the pencil was held. Perhaps the hand sketch will also qualify as part of weekly sketches I am involved in with three other artists, online.

On another note, there is a Wet Canvas Figure Drawing workshop that has been started in the Figure Forum. I am following it with much interest. The first lesson is on drawing/sketching materials. There are so many artists in the forum whose work I admire. Watching the artists learn as they post their work and see the progress they have made is encouraging and to be applauded.


RH Carpenter said...

Ann, our own negativity about ourselves and our work holds us back - always. I think that's where I'm at right now, too. It's been a long time since I painted anything I thought, "I'm happy with that!" Instead it seems like a struggling time...but I know that the struggle has to happen in order to grow. For me, it's a matter of slowing down, taking the time and LOOKING carefully - instead of rushing something off quickly to have it done because, in my mind I'm thinking, "I can't do this so let's get it over with."
So...been there, done that. We have to stick together and encourage each other because we see the beauty, talent, skill and hard work in the other's artwork.

Ann Buckner said...

Hi Rhonda

Hmmm, I must be coming across as negative. I am trying to be realistic,(not perfectionistic lol) realizing that there is room for improvement and I definitely want to improve both my drawing/sketching skills as well as painting skills. Thanks for your thoughts on this and your continued encouragement! :)

Deb L├ęger said...

Ann, I think the word, ineptitude, is a bad word to describe your drawing skills. I guess we are too 'close' to our own work and see what others don't, eh? You have loads of talent, Ann. Don't doubt yourself.

Ann Buckner said...

Hi Deb, believe me it isn't doubt because I believe I will become better the more I practice. It is that feeling of gracelessness (is that a word) or awkwardness one has when first learning something until the tools or movement become more familiar and more of an unconscious process. Thanks for the encouragement too. You know I appreciate it. :)