Monday, July 13, 2009

Chatter & July Week 2 Sketch

A quick sketch of the bar stool I sometimes sit on while painting watercolors. This sketch was done last night after I had taken my contacts out for the night. I might try a painting that way too to see what blurry vision accomplishes.

In the recent weeks, I haven't been focused on painting or sketching. I have done some reading and viewing of artwork online but mostly taking a much needed break. My energy is still not up to par; hopefully, that will pass soon with my interest and energy revived.


Cindi said...

blurry or not .. the proportions look spot on!!! altho' i think you could draw with your eyes closed.. hope youre feeling better soon, friend!!

Ann Buckner said...

Ha ha, will have to try that, "eyes closed." Thanks for looking, Cindi. :)