Friday, July 31, 2009

Gestures 07-31-09

A bit of gesture practice this morning. I'm still trying to find balance and weight of the stance or of body movement; not so concerned yet about proportions. This practice will continue along with more refined work. I think gesture drawings are so expressive and lovely to view when done well.

My plans for today include painting. It has been so long since I have held a paint brush, I'm a bit nervous lol. That will dissipate once the brush is wet. I also have to help my niece with getting her modem and router properly set up plus get my Mom all spruced and ready for a trip to Branson. Since Mom has macular degeneration it means I get to polish her nails for her. :)

It is a beautiful day in Oklahoma after the lovely, refreshing rain yesterday. Our temps are expected to be in the mid-80's which is wonderful for this time of year.

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