Tuesday, August 18, 2009


It is a beautiful Tuesday morning with sun shining through the clouds. We had a bit of rain during the night and that makes the morning especially lovely. I haven't any art work to post this morning though I have been reading blogs and viewing the work of Joaquin Sorolla.

I have been seriously lacking in energy the last month or so. Found out I have a slight heart murmur and more tests are being scheduled. May be something, may be nothing. I will take a leaf out of yesterday's blog post by Ricky Holtman's Journaling Thru Cancer and make lemonade, either way. In the meantime, I will sketch or paint as energy and desire allows. Didn't want you to think that I had lost interest in art because it isn't so. *grinning*

The photo above was taken somewhere in New York near a covered bridge. The guy checking out the area is my brother-in-law. This photo is the reference subject for the August Paint Along at Painting Friends (an online art group.) I host the Paint Along each month and want to get this painted. Not good for the host to fall behind lol.

One other thing I meant to mention is your time, your comments and your encouragement are deeply appreciated. I've noticed though that some of the comments recently will have a word that is linked to a commercial website. While appreciating the comments I feel that the links are actually a spinoff of spam, so those comments are not being posted. Hate to be tough about this but I dislike intensely receiving eight or ten spam e-mails from the same person, at one time.


Dawn said...

hope all your test are positive for good health!

Cindi said...

no spam here, kiddo.. just a big hug and good thoughts....i will paint this soon i promise!!! ! have a peaceful day!

Ann Buckner said...

Hi Dawn & Cindi, thanks!

Happy to hear you are planning to paint the photo, Cindi. I have started the painting but it is on hold for a day or so.