Saturday, October 31, 2009

Chatter, Paint Brush Restoration & Photo Notans

These photos were taken by my niece from her trip to Ethiopia when they adopted their daughter, Bet. The photos were converted to black & white and then pushed the contrast to the most extreme, using Photoshop. What I like about doing this is that it shows the ratio of light and dark in the photos, which can be emphasized even more through simplifying shapes.

I'm getting ready to work on Joyce's portrait again but wanted to share this link to Art Studio Secrets which has a couple of tips about restoring paint bushes. Goop also will remove dried paint from brushes. After cleaning with Goop I swish in turps or mineral spirits to clean any Goop residue from the brush.

Do you ever make a "Wish" List? You would think that the list would note things such as clothing or major purchases. My Wish List is always art stuff, such as better lighting, or a new easel and/or pochade box, or a variety of new brushes, or perhaps some different brands of oil or watercolor paints that I haven't tried yet, or maybe a new video or book. I think most wish lists usually contains the things in which we are most interested or think about the most. I have yet to paint on linen and so linen panels are at the top of my wish list. Soon . . .

What is on your wish list?


RH Carpenter said...

You definitely should paint that top photo, Ann :) Think of all the rich, deep colors you could get in there to model his face and clothing!
Hope your painting of Joyce is working out - I know you're probably scraping it off again but that's your way and you have to paint your way :)

Ann Buckner said...

I have several photos from that trip that I believe would make interesting paintings. Mainly it is the expressions on the different faces that draws me to those photos.

Yeah, I scraped Joyce's painting again! It looked like her yet it missed that indefinable essence of her. So hopefully, I can find the right brushstrokes to convey that essence.