Thursday, October 22, 2009

Skin Tones Study Day

Today was spent reading an excellent thread about skin tones at Wet Canvas in a workshop thread by Lacey-Lewis, and mixing paint. Lacey's work can be seen here.

I am having trouble composing this post as Blogger keeps underlining or carries a link where it isn't wanted. Strange things in cyberspace.

Notes and paint swatches were made on notecards as well as on a paper palette. I want to find a simple palette that will match my skin tones as they are very similar to those needed to paint Joyce's portrait. So far the red that closest matches my skin is a burnt sienna mixed with white; raw sienna mised with white, along with raw umber and white to value wanted mixed with a warm or cool primary depending on where the neutral is painted.

I will set up a mirror so I can look at my facial skin tones to see what colors are in the shadows, the hue of the halftones, and whether the light is warm or cool. Hopefully, I can then paint Joyce's features from a photo with the appropriate tones, values and shapes. One thing I need to remember is that a photo can flatten the darks, making it look solid rather than the warm/cool color shifts that would be in the shadows and reflected lights.


Christiane Kingsley said...

Anne, I really admire your systematic approach! said...

Thankyou Ann for sharing this with us.

Ann Buckner said...

I love the "discovering" process of mixing color. Hope you enjoy it too.