Saturday, November 21, 2009

Daily 20 Minute Challenge #4 & Foreshortening

These 20 minute challenges are quite fun and interesting.  I am painting these on 5" x 7" watercolor paper and dating them so I can see what progress was made through the length of the challenge.   This morning's painting is from a set up of a package of crackers placed on round ceramic palette.  I was concentrating on the angles of the packaging and the subtle color shining through the paper.  I wanted to be sure that the tiny pin holes in the crackers came through because they help define the object.  I'm learning to look at the objects as a flat color and shape against a white background.  That can give one a better idea of the angles and curves of the overall setup pattern.  Next I was trying to be more aware of the darker areas as that sets the objects firmly on the ground surface and gives contrast to the lighter areas, which helps to create form.

Last night after finishing the 20 minute painting of the palettes and brushes, I watched a tutorial on foreshortening at  Below are squiggles done as I tried to absorb the information from the tutorial.  I used a Ritmo charcoal 3B pencil on newsprint to sketch these.  I really like that pencil and will have to get more.  It doesn't have the dust that regular charcoal pencils have.  Maybe it has a wax base??


M said...

Hi Ann,
I keep trying to get myself to do the 20 minute challenge but up to this point I am resisting it. I think it is a good idea and I know my drawing skills could stand some improvement. We'll see what happens. You are setting an excellent example! Thanks for following my blog.

RH Carpenter said...

WOW, Ann, you really are doing these so well!!! Love the knees :)

Ann Buckner said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog, Margaret. I thoroughly enjoyed catching up on your blog.

Thank you Rhonda. Pleased to see you joined in as well.