Sunday, November 22, 2009

Daily 20 Minute Challenge #5

I decided to paint these grapes before they were eaten for the 5th 20 minute challenge.  Again, I used a bit of ink.  I was just working on the tabletop shadows when the buzzer rang, so I had to stop.    I took time to dry the paper too.  Next time though, I won't do that because I could have used that time to define the clusters a bit more and lighten and softened some of the cast shadows.  


Teresa Palomar Lois said...

I'm loving your 20 minutes challenges Ann, the way you incorporated the ink in them amazes me, it look so fresh!

RH Carpenter said...

This looks so fresh and clean and I love it - you are really working on these challenges and I love what you're doing. said...

I too really like this one Ann. Very clean and fresh.

Sandy Maudlin said...

This is exqusitely painted. Beautiful!

Deb Léger said...

I just love these grapes, Ann! Beautiful job on them!

Ann Buckner said...


Thank you all!