Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Graphite Portrait, WIP

I'm doing a drawing as a belated birthday present for one of my brothers. So far I have used a 2H pencil, working on a smooth, white Bristol Board surface. I'm using a hard pencil because I want the initial lay in to be fairly light so corrections can be more easily made.

In the photo above, most of the placement is correct. There are still corrections to be made on the left ear and the neck area has been giving me fits. I also want to check the shape of the mouth as I think it is a bit off. The reference photo I am using was taken outside so has good contrasts.

As seen in the photo below, I began the drawing with the eyes, then using those to measure against the length of the nose and placement of the mouth. That is probably backwards from what is normal. I like to think of it as drawing from the inside out.

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