Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Measuring Practice

Just doing the measuring, erasing, and reapplying charcoal took me 135 minutes.  Am I slow or what ha ha.  I will start over and do this again.  Practice, using angles, areas that line up, such as the nose with the back of the right heel, using head length to measure portions of the body, and the envelope (the lines enclosing the figure) all contribute to being able to see better the proportions of the figure or any subject, for that matter.  By using the envelope one can check positioning and negative spaces. 

The reference photo used is from the Wet Canvas Figure Workshop 4.   The goal is to get a fairly accurate line drawing then do the modeling of the figure - all within an hour or so.  I have lots and lots of practice to do before I can do this within an hour.  The great thing is I get so lost in the effort that time just flies by.


RH Carpenter said...

Better better better! I like how you put lines around the body to get the shapes right and are measuring a lot. Yes, it takes time and there's nothing wrong with that - fast doesn't mean good all the time :) You're doing great, Ann! I hope you intend to do a portrait for the colorfulwatercolor group?

Ann Buckner said...

Thanks Rhonda! You are right fast doesn't mean good yet I want to be able to do the lay in of the drawing fairly quick so the more I do the better my eyes will become at judging proportions. Right? I do plan to do a portrait for the colorfulwatercolor group. I have it as one of the top three things to be done lol.

Deb Léger said...

Hi Ann.

I'm loving your drawing work!

I agree with Rhonda. Fast isn't always better. You have all the time in the world so enjoy doing it. I think part of your thought is right - the more you do, the better your eyes will become at judging proportions. To me, trying to do it really fast would just set me up for not being very accurate at it. So, don't think of the negative aspects of spending 135 minutes on this. Think of the positive aspects - it was 135 minutes very well spent, doing something you enjoy and learning a lot in that practice. So don't stress out on trying to do it fast. Have fun. And don't worry about the time.

I'm in the turtle club, too. lol. Isn't it great to just get lost in time while doing it?

I admire all your hard work, Ann.

Ann Buckner said...

Deb, thank you and thank you for the sound advice! You are the one that draws so beautifully. It truly is a blessing to be so caught up in the work that time just slips away.