Tuesday, November 24, 2009

TMC #7

I painted the pipe and the Prince Albert tobacco pouch because they remind me of my step-father and brought back lots of pleasant memories.  I had a late start painting today's TMC and I didn't plan it or paint it very well. 

The peroxide bottle is almost kissing the edge of the Prince Albert and the shadows are all over the place.  Need a few lights on the Prince Albert pouch and pipe plus the edges need to be sharpened on the bottle.  I may have to paint this one again  sometime down the road.  So now you know what I learned from this. .  .  plan better and don't put darks against darks or near values. 


Celeste Bergin said...

It's still a charming painting despite your misgivings!

Sandy Maudlin said...

oooh. Stop being so hard on your masterpiece. The incredible spontaniety pulled me right in and over rides the compo issues. Beautifully done.

RH Carpenter said...

There is definitely some inner pressure we put on ourselves, knowing we only ahve 20 minutes - another reason why I'm sticking to sketches and don't have to think about color right now :) Don't be too hard on yourself, as Sandy said - enjoy it and all your learned and shared with us. I am thankful to have you as a friend.

Ann Buckner said...

Rhonda, I cherish you as a friend as well.

Very good comments from all of you - thank you. I must come across as being disappointed when I'm really not lol. I see these little studies as a way of learning my habits or tendencies, how I see. Maybe I need to share more of what I like about the painting as well as what I see that could be improved given more time and ability.