Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Hand Sketch, Graphite

Did this hand sketch this morning as a warm up.  I didn't time it so it won't count for the 20 minute challenge.  Yesterday, I worked on a portrait, my third try at drawing this person.  It is heading for the trash bin.  It was a case of almost right but some shapes were wrong.

I will start another one today and hope to start with a very light line drawing to be sure the shapes are correct.  I have a very heavy hand so this will take diligence to keep it light until the values are gradually shaded to create the form. 

Last night I watched a hand tutorial at  Drawing Tutorials Online and one of the things learned is that the first two phalanges (from the tip of the finger) equal the length of the third phalange.  Hopefully, I learned a lot more as I also watched two portrait videosl.  My thinking is that the more often I watch the videos, more information will sink in and, the more I practice, the more the information will be firmly embedded in my subconscious and the hand/eye coordination becomes more in sync. 


Teresa Palomar Lois said...

Ok, you've got me looking at mi fingers and measuring the falanges, how did you do it? Good drawing to start the day Ann, don't get too frustrated with the portrait, you'll do well, if you're affraid of your heavy hand how about trying a harder graphite pencil? maybe an H?

norapaints@blogspot.com said...

Very nice little sketch Ann. Good luck with your portrait today.

Ann Buckner said...

Hee, hee Teresa. I looked at a skeleton so I could check it out myself. I redrew two portraits last night (line drawings) and will double check everything before continuing.

Thank you Nora. :)